The Sabbath Lenormand

My 1st product review!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been doing work on my podcast a bunch ([] ), and working at the mundane job. But I’m back with my 1st product review! Tan-dah! As some of you know, I’m fairly well known in my community for doing card readings using the system of divination called “Lenormand” so I thought it would make sense for my 1st product review to be of a Lenormand deck!

The deck I chose, “The Sabbath Lenormand”, created by Allen Spires and Jeff Cullen, both are very creative magical practitioners and This is a product of their sabbath line, which can be found at []. I love everything about this project, but what I love about the Lenormand deck in particular is the imagery. They take a lot of iconic images associated with traditional witchcraft and apply it to the traditional imagery found in Lenormand.

They took a few creative liberties with the traditional imagery of a few cards, for example using nails instead of the anchor and the pentacle instead of the cross, which in my opinion, was very clever. The images still hold the same meaning as their traditional counterparts. It’s always awesome to see someone else’s take on things!

This deck also came with A little book that is REALLY cool! It gives a brief history of this system of divination, plus card meanings and even some spell work to go along with them! They have a few card spreads in the back that I have yet to try, but they look promising. I really wish they put the book out as a stand alone because id love to have a bigger copy of it because well, the old eyes ain’t what they used to be!

This deck, Along with their other Tart deck of the same name, are printed on really good card stock. I love a nice thick deck! (😉) and this one checks that box. When it comes to using it in readings, you have to tell people this deck has nudity in it, most people won’t care as the models are very…ummm..”well put together” I will say. I haven’t had any objections yet when I’ve pulled a card, I just like to warn people.

In conclusion, The Whole Sabbath product as a whole is beautiful and this deck certainly meets the aesthetic. It is certainly one of my favorites. Check out everything on the website, []. I hope you love everything as much as I do!

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