Book review for “Seeking Faery” By Emily Carding

The first thing that got my attention right off the bat, was the amazing art by Siolo Thompson (@siolothompson on IG). It was the veritable finger wag that told me “come closer, have a peek” and “peek” I did & I can honestly say, I don’t regret it. I am usually very leery of anything that has to do with working with Fae, as kid’s movies and books haven’t done “The fair folk” any favors, reducing them to little people with bug wings dancing on flowers and helping a perpetual teenager in a green leotard kidnap sleeping children to Neverland.

But as I began to read, I found a book packed with historical lore, meaningful exercises and even more of the beautiful art that I first mentioned . One of the things I enjoyed about this book was Emily’s writing. They paint a beautiful picture with words that is as equally masterfully done as the art that permeates this book. I am delighted with this whole work. If you are interested in deepening your connection with the Fae and with nature, pick up this amazing book which is published by the fine folks at Llewellyn. Emily Carding can be found on Instagram @emilycarding

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