Review for “The Witch’s book of Spellcraft” By Jason Mankey, Matt Cavalli , Amanda Lynn & Ari Mankey

I love the way Jason Mankey writes, you can hear his whimsical personality reflected in the words on the page. His books are chock full of anecdotal instances, witchy historical information and few jokes for good measure. What makes this book different is that not only do you get Jason’s point of view in this book, you get the point of view of many others as well! The co-authors are folks Jason has worked with in ritual and Spellcraft for a number of years, (one of which is his lovely wife Ari!)

In this book, The quartet cover everything from Magical ethics, including the controversial “rule of 3”, to making magical poppets and doing knot magic. Plus, in addition to insight from the 4 authors you also get nuggets from some other witchy voices in the world today such as Thorn Mooney, Lilth Dorsey and Phoenix Lafae to name a few. (Again, more bonus content!).

In conclusion, This is my 2nd favorite book from Jason, My first being “Transformative Witchcraft” (check that one out too folks!). This book is for the new practitioner and seasoned alike. I found myself uttering “hmmm never thought of that quite a few times while reading”. This is another publication by the fine folks over at Llewellyn!

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