Review for “Kundalini Energy”, By Shannon Yrizarry

This was another book I, admittedly, had my reservations about as I perceived anything that has to do with it as “too complicated” for me to get a grasp on. Enter the author ,Shannon Yrizarry, who has taken this magical topic and made it palatable those who are just beginning their journey into the topic of Kundalini and how it can be A life changer.

In this book, Shannon begins by showing us the way Kundalini shows up in different cultures across the world and through history. She also covers things in our modern daily lives that inhibit us from experiencing this energy in our lives, from the diet we partake in to the lifestyle habits we have.

Various breathing exercises are offered in this book along with tips to awaken an energy that will change your life. I was surprised at how a few simple adjustments to my life would take me to new levels, not just in my meditation time but in my life in general. I couldn’t recommend this book enough to those of you who are seeking to awaken this power in their lives. Another fine book published by the fine folks at Llewelyn.

Happy reading witches! -E.M.

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