Review for “The Satyr’s kiss”

By Storm Faerywolf

I can say that I have (almost) read every book by this author and throughout everyone of his book I have noticed his ability to paint a picture with words that is 2nd to none & this book is another masterful brushstroke in that beautiful painting.

The book is divided into 2 parts, Philosophy and Praxis. The philosophy portion of the book begins with tackling something that I have dealt with as a non-binary practitioner for some time, the masculine-feminine polarity that is supposedly the ”end-all, be all” of magic. I took issue with that as those polarities do not resonate with me. That section is one of my favorite parts in the whole book which is saying something as I love this freakn’ book!

All throughout the book are spells and meditative exercises designed for those of us in the LGBTQIA+ community, the most powerful one’s being the Pink triangle and the amethyst pentacle in my opinion. I felt these in my heart, body & soul. like I said earlier this book is a gem. If you like this one & if it’s your first Storm Faerywolf book, I recommend picking up his book ”Betwixt & Between”, I’ve made my way through this tome many, many times.

In conclusion, this book is powerful, easy to read and relevant. This is one for the seasoned or new practitioner a like. While It’s designed for the queer community, there are nuggets (be they chicken or gold) in this work that are beneficial for the universal magical body as a whole. This book is another fine publication from Llewellyn.

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