My review for “Tarot for real life” by Jack Chanek

As someone who is solely a Lenormand reader, this book was interesting to pick up as I know VERY little about reading Tarot and was expecting all kinds of deep, unapproachable, Jungian Mumbo jumbo as I have encountered in other tarot books throughout the years. Not to make fun of those books, but they are not the best for those of use who are simply trying to get a rudimentary understanding of this popular form of divination. (And I’m to proud to pick up a copy of “Tarot for dummies”.)

Enter: “Tarot for real life” by Jack Chanek, published by Llewelyn. This book is perfect for the beginner reader and I feel, the adept alike. You are taught how to pick the right deck for you, how to care for it and start a fruitful relationship with the cards. While also being taught various spreads and card meanings. Jack also gives a very detailed and approachable analysis of the minor arcana, which I loved a bunch. He also covers the intellectual, emotional & aspirational aspects of the tarot.

In conclusion, this book makes Tarot approachable and digestible. After I read this book, I found I had a revived love for my favorite tarot deck, the Thoth deck, and I feel like this book will get you pointed in the right direction and help you develop a meaningful relationship with Tarot as well. This book as another fine publication by Llewelyn!

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