My Review for “Queer Qabala” by Enfys Book

I am blessed to be alive in a time when queer spirituality is showing out loud and proud! With books like “ The Satyrs’ kiss“ by Storm Faerywolf and “Queer Magic” by Tomàs Prower , those of us who are of the “Rainbow path” we have quite a few choices!

And now we have another amazing book to add to our queer spirituality library, enter “Queer Qabala” by Enfys J.Book. This book is RESPECTFULLY researched and written. They take a subject that would be intimidating to someone (I.e. Me) and make it relatable and approachable. I feel like they take away a lot of the pageantry and pomp that comes with trying to learn about the tree of life that comes with learning it from books written by scholars.

Enfys also makes Qabala relatable by taking it out of the usual duality of the male/female pillars and comes at it from the “middle pillar.” I love this book and I believe it would be helpful for anyone looking to understand and study the tree of life from a unique and impactful perspective. This book is another fine publication from the fine folks at Llewelyn world wide!

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