Falling through the Tree of life

By Jane Meredith

I have obviously been on a Qabalah kick lately, with my last review my Enfys’ latest book, “Queer Qubalah”, and I’ve also been reading this wonderful book “Falling through the Tree of life” by Jane Meredith.

What makes this book cool, is that it gives you a “experiential definition”of each Sephirot. I love this because really all you see in other books on the subject are very academic definitions which can tend to make them feel unapproachable and cold.

Another real cool feature of this book I enjoyed are the exercises in the book that teach you how to “inhabit” various Sephirot and what that feels like.

So, bottom line, this book , like the last book, helps make a very complex subject digestible. It tells us we don’t have to feel like we need to have a PHD to understand Qabalah and experience the richness of practicing it. This book is published by Llewelyn world wide!

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