Anatomy of a witch Oracle

By Laura Tempest Zakroff

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE card decks, even if I don’t use them very often , I am a professional Lenormand reader after all, so I buy some decks for 2 reasons, to use in my private practice & enrich my life or they are simply a work of art. This deck does both!

This is my second deck from author/artist Laura Tempest Zakroff, the first being her “Liminal spirits Oracle”. The art work on each card is done in her trademark style, with impactful symbology and contemplation in every stroke. The book is equally as enjoyable as her other books!

One of the odd things I look at when I’m sent a card deck is something I don’t think the creator has much control over ,is the card stock it’s printed on & the packaging . The box this deck comes in is very sturdy, I toted it around in my backpack for a while and it survived that test with flying colors, the magnetic closure that comes on the box is really nice. All together, the packaging is very neat and clean. The card stock is pretty sturdy, not as thick as I prefer, but it passes the test.

In closing, this deck is another home run by the super talented Laura Zakroff. I’ve had her on the show and she was one of the funnest people to interview. Plus I’ve met her at quite a bunch of shows and her artwork even graces the walls of my home. This is talent folks! Check her out! This another fine publication by the folks at Llewelyn!

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