My review for “Crystal magic for the Modern witch”

By Devin Hunter

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here folks, but I’ve been busy with a new job, new house and a book! My apologies! Without further delay…

I offer this review as my apology…..

I received this book worried that Mr. Hunter wasn’t going to be able to serve what he did in his last book, “Modern Witch”, with its breathtaking photography, wonderful writing and beautiful illustrations….and needless to say, my worries were unfounded!

Mr. Hunter delivers what he gave us in the last bill and then some! He gives us more amazing photography, practical exercises and insightful writing. This book is true to form for a Devin Hunter book, it has depth, feeling and relatability. (despite what Ill-informed detractors have to say.)

“Crystal magic for the Modern Witch” will drop in November and it will definitely be worth picking up! This another fine title published by the folks at Llewellyn Worldwide.

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